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Saturday, August 22, 2020

A corporal was shot and killed in Ibadan

Corpora killed in ibadan

On Friday, August 21, gunmen attacked some police officers near a police station in the Ikola area of ​​the Oyo state capital, Ibadan.


A corporal was shot and killed in a surprise attack. It wounded other policemen in various ways.


Although the mission of the shooters was not clear at this time, police spokesman Gbenga Fadi said police had been deployed in the area and normalcy had been restored.

Statement goes like this;


    21/08/2020 At around 9pm, Hoodloom attacked two police officers in connection with the Ecolaba Police Station on the opposite side of Station Road in a moving vehicle. 

In the process, a police corporal was shot, an inspector was injured and is recovering in hospital.

    The police station was not attacked. The Commissioner of Police immediately received the air of the incident, and he summoned SARS, SRS, SKYNET, FEDERAL, SAFER HIGGWAY PATROL TEAMS, and PUFF ADDER TEAM ETC.

    The Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations was also there to assess the situation. A red alert was issued to all police teams. Attempts to arrest Hoodlams have intensified, pls

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