At long last! Joro Olumofin Sues Tunde Ednut For Slander

In another turn to the progressing fight between Joro Olumofin and Tunde Ednut,

Olumofin Sues Tunde Ednut

Olumofin has made legitimate move against Tunde Ednut.

For quite a while, the two men had been battling each other online since a year ago after Tunde Ednut began guaranteeing that Joro's posts are phony, saying that they are not from perusers as he places them to be.

In a backfire ambush, Joro had purportedly revealed Tunde Ednut, affirming that he was removed from the UK and is living is the US illegitimately.

Following that, Tunde for certain weeks kept posting all sort unpretentiously against joro, who has not turned to taking lawful activities.

Joro recorded a grievance against Tunde with the US Division of States for cyberstalking and criminal maligning, and for purportedly exceeding his visa in the US.

He made this disclosure on Instagram and shared screen captures of the court archives.

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