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Saturday, August 22, 2020

If you have children with my husband, come on for DNA test says Liz Angjorin


Liz Anjorin asked any woman who claims to have had children with her husband Latif Adegboyega Lowell to come forward for a DNA test.


Shortly after getting married, some women came to the scene saying that he had married them too and that they had many children. Read here


for DNA test says Liz Angjorin

Anjorin urged women to come forward with DNA tests to back up their claims. Said the actress in a chat with Punch

    "There is no pressure on my husband. The truth is, I'm done the worst thing anyone can do for a person. 

Some people can not survive what I went through. If my husband is a new person to me, he's a tired high tendency. Thank God I married my best friend.


    The women who claimed that my husband was theirs never contacted us and none of them brought children to us. I challenged them openly. 

All those who say these things are benefiting because my husband is a good man. Each person should introduce their child on for DNA test. 

We both had children before we got married but he never married anyone. My husband is not a small child, my first daughter is older than him.


    Previously, some people said my mouth was too sharp, but they were ashamed. I am a very playful person, and a woman that every man wants. 

I am very open with my husband and I love people. People break up remotely, but sometimes, it's better to be in touch with people before you do it. 

Some ‘quiet women’ have treated their husbands cruelly, but they can’t hurt anyone like us. "

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