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Kanye West declared three more states ineligible for the ballot because of the deadline missing

Kanye West removed the ballot from three other U.S. states following a ruling by election officials on Friday, August 21st.


Kanye West declared three more states

Election officials in Ohio, Illinois and West Virginia, as well as officials in Wisconsin and Montana, were free to call birthday party tickets, commenting that he was not eligible to appear on their state ballots even a day later. From their ballot.


In Ohio, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRos said in a statement that the signature on the nomination application did not match the paperwork used to collect the required voter signatures for rapper and running mate Michelle Tidball. .


In his home state of Illinois, the State Board of Elections voted 8-0 Friday, where he did not qualify for the ballot because he did not have the required 2,500 signatures, spokesman Matt Dietrich said. 1,300 signatures were determined to be genuine or the signature was not registered at the address shown, Dietrich said.


West Virginia election officials have confirmed that only 6,383 of the 7,144 signatures needed to qualify are in the West campaign, said Jennifer Gardner, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Secretary's Office.


However, he deserves to appear at least on the ballot in Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Utah and Vermont.


It comes amid reports that Republican lawyers or activists across the country are helping Western countries win the ballot in several states to steal the support of Democratic presidential candidate Biden.


TNJ reports that Kanye West's campaign is underway as another crucial deadline for Connie West's presidency has been missed. He is required by FEC regulations to file a financial report on whether he collected or spent k 100k on his campaign, but the filing deadline is August 20 and the agency has not yet received it.

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