Messi is ready to leave Barcelona immediately as he demands an exchange


Messi is ready to leave Barcelona

According to legend, Argentine legend Lionel Messi has officially left the club.

On Tuesday, the club confirmed to ESPN Deportes that Messi’s chosen bureaucracy to Jordi Blanco is an aid used to sending more sensitive documents to foreigners in Spain.

Messi, 33, plans to sign a contract until 2021, but has been surprised to leave the Camp Nou in the coming months.

The false rumors that Messi was disappointed after Bayern beat Barcelona 8-2 in the Champions League match finally ended the club's unbeaten season on 14 August.

Following this deal, Barcelona coach Quick Seten was fired by Eric Abidal as manager.

After falling to the ground with Messi, no matter what, it is clear that Koman’s career-changing side is unbelievable in beauty.

Barcelona boss Jose Maria Bartomeu recently called on Messi to end his role at the Camp Nou as his future at Batomé remains uncertain.

Messi has a contract, which will allow him to be released

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