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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Nigerian man describes torture in Ibadan for 'feeling homosexual'


A Nigerian man has described the physical assault of a woman and her boyfriend in Ibadan, Oyo State, because they were "gay."


Nigerian man describes torture in Ibadan for 'feeling homosexual'

Wrote on TwitterBodilawFortune

    I didn’t want to do this in the beginning, but I feel the need to protect others from unnecessary stigma. Today in Ibadan, a man and his girlfriend attacked me after giving me a ride.

    I was at the Elebu market to see someone at the restaurant. Unfortunately for me, that person did not show up, and I only have the N50, it shows water and I hope that person appears.

    After waiting for 2 hours, I decide to go because they are already looking at me 1 kindly

    But I decided to do trekking home as I had no money. I parked the car with 3 employees and asked if I was going to my next destination Orita Challenge. I stopped the car and joined them

    There were 3 men in the front, 2 men and one woman in the back. Within minutes, I learned that the woman was drunk and that she was lying to the man. I still decide not to get caught up in the troubled Kaj. Suddenly, 'Onbo, will you marry me?'

    I said, no, Oga is worried. She said who is Oga. I did not answer. Then suddenly her hand goes to my manhood. My only guilt is telling. Forgive me for what you do. I pushed her hand away. The next thing I heard was a big blow to my head.

    I was scared but decided not to cry. What have I done now? The man next to the passenger, I think was her boyfriend, turned around and hit me. That’s why I keep talking to his girlfriend like that. I'm gay and he handles my fuck up.

    Fear gripped me in this moment. I started begging and suddenly that girl pulled my cloth around my neck and pushed me back and forth. All I could say was, excuse me, they put me in the car.

    The driver was asking me not to bother me (I think he was their friend) and asked me to park the car in a place where most people would not go. At that point, we were near the new garage, they parked and I got off when they zoomed in.

    I thanked God for being alive. People in this area see me as crazy, but I'm grateful they did not hurt me. At that moment my friend called me and told me that Elebu was in the market. I took the bike there

    Nigerians should stop discriminating against people you do not know. I can’t consider myself a homosexual because I am pale or have a feminine face. Did I create it myself? I get the same stain on some modeling auditions, which is bad

    I was scared, but life had to move on.

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