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Lionel Messi: Barcelona's view on the future of the Argentine star after the U-turn

Lionel Messi: Barcelona's view on the future of the Argentine star after the U-turn


One source considers Barcelona an emotional week and Lionel Messi will be transferred in the future after the U-turn.

Everyone in Barcelona was terrified

From this week on, if you look through any online article or turn to any TV report or radio report, you will not see anyone telling you that Lionel Messi is going to be in Barcelona.

However, we are here. When Barcelona needed ten days of football coaching to start the delivery situation under his contract, Messi decided to stay at the club he called home for 20 years.

Initially, some may have thought that this was an attempt by Messi to abandon his betrayal and change his politics. He had done this with Argentina before, taking everything into consideration. However, earlier this week, everyone said, 'No, he's referring to it this time.

He admitted that he no longer believed he was a Barcelona player and that he was going to Manchester City for Pep Guardiola, but accepted his contract directly ...

At that time, even on Friday afternoon, his relatives wrote a letter to La Liga: 'You are off-base, it is true what we said, we will win this fight on the court.'

However, at that time, for unknown reasons, two hours later, they decided not to go to court and Messi remained with the club.

He rejected us - yet he proved himself wrong. I don’t think Messi admitted he had any other choice.

Barcelona fans are disappointed with Messi's treatment

While we are shocked with the media, there is sympathy among some Barcelona fans.

Last evening as I was tuning in to a radio telephone, Axel, a neighboring cameraman and a major Barcelona fan, realized that many of the guests were miserable. They said it was a miserable day.

They did not care about the way Messi behaved. After all the administrations he had to give to the club, they said he deserved it if he wanted to leave. They now felt that he was going against his will, and it was a terrible new evolution against what was to be applauded.

Apparently, when he returns to donate a Barcelona shirt, they enjoy it on the TV screens - and they don’t bother him, no doubt about it. Anyway, if he has to go, they think they should let him go.

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