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5 Types of Video Content For Your Small Business

5 Types of Video Content For Your Small Business

5 Types of Video Content For Your Small Business
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Do you know that video consumption makes up to 120% of usage in 2020? It’s not that surprising considering over 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube. It implies that people love watching videos that much.

So, what does it mean to your small business?

If you're running a small business, chances are you have difficulty penetrating the market. Big brands are ready to compete against you even if you're not prepared, making your small brand more miserable. 

Don't worry. All you need to do is to incorporate a smart strategy to elevate your small business. With that being said, video content is an excellent plan for you.


What is Video Content?

Video content is a part of digital marketing strategy that focuses on delivering a brand's message through a combination of visualization and sound. It conveys information concisely and vividly. Compared to the old textual marketing scheme, a video can definitely win big, to mention its staggering statistics.  

This article will cover the five types of video content for a small business to leverage its performance. It is feasible yet brings a great outcome in the end. 


5 Types of Video Content For Small Business

Although there are many more types of video on the internet, not all of them are apt for a small business to commence. We feature five popular types of video content to elevate your small business. 


1. Exp9lainer Video

If you have never heard about explainer videos, you're missing the big boat. This time, you should consider creating your explainer video for your small business.

But, what exactly is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a compact marketing scheme where you can convey your brand's message without leaving your audience bored. Basically, it's thorough marketing information with visual and lively narration on it.

It's common for companies to incorporate this type of video as their marketing campaign. An explainer video doesn't just act as a branding tool but an excellent conversion machine.

2. Product Demo Video

What hinders small businesses from expanding on their journey is the lack of customer product knowledge. Sure, they know your brand and so on, but they miss out on something different from you.

The audience doesn't fully understand your unique features and what they can benefit from your brand. Without conveying a clear picture of your product, you can lose potential customers right in front of you.

That's why you need a product demo video to anticipate the whole thing. You can showcase your products' features, the perks of having your services, and many more. This way, it will leave a great impression on the audience. 


3. Testimonial Video

Now tell me, what makes the audience choose your brand regardless of how small a business you are? The answer is your past clients' reviews.

A review or testimonial is essential for any business to have. It helps strengthen the trust between your brand and the target audience. It includes things like their experience of using your brand.

Social proof is vital to show your brand's credibility. It's still relevant and is as important as word of mouth. So, incorporating a testimonial video on your marketing strategy is the best choice.


4. How-To Video

There's a reason why a manual is included in every tech product. The audience needs the guidance of the products. If you're not a tech company, then you can relax a bit. But that doesn't mean your business doesn't need it.

The How-To video is amongst the 'viral' videos on the internet. Suppose you run a homemade peanut butter business. You won't leave your marketing strategy going on something like, "Try this peanut butter, made with love no artificial color, blah... blah..." - the common copy ever.

It's boring and doesn't solve the audience's pain points.

You can do better by incorporating the how-to video like how to make roasted chicken butter with peanut jam. This way, you can broaden your audience as well as letting them know that your product is versatile yet still okay to combine.


5. Webinar

Perhaps this type of video is the last thing to do in your marketing strategy. The webinar itself is a combination of the term 'web' and 'seminar', hence making it a practice of conference with an online audience. 

If you excel at something or hold a significant role in your organization, the opportunity of conducting a webinar is very likely. 

Your webinar should include the information that the audience wants to obtain in the first place, not a merely promotional platform to advertise your small business. If it's this case, you will most likely lose a chance for future webinars as the audience sees you as a salesperson.

It's best to conduct knowledgeable information for your webinar. You can also include one or two study cases from your business. On that wise, you already spread awareness about it to the audience. 


Final Words

Running a small business can be tough for novice entrepreneurs. It needs constant attention to improve its performance. Often, a small business can't compete with the big names as it doesn't know the key strategy to enter the industry.

Incorporating video content into the marketing plan is one of the best methods to hook the audience's attention. Therefore, every small business owner should consider using this technique to acquire potential customers.


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