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4 Top Business Review Generating Sites That You Can Work On To Manage Your Online Reputation

4 Top Business Review Generating Sites That You Can Work On To Manage Your Online Reputation

4 Top Business Review Generating Sites That You Can Work On To Manage Your Online Reputation

A huge percentage of online buyers prefer reading business reviews before making any decision regarding a purchase. No matter how branded your product is, if the reviews are negative, people take no time to skip the option. Similarly, if they find positive reviews, they immediately visit the site to make a purchase or show interest in doing business.

The importance of brand reviews is clearly understandable by brands and so they prefer meeting the online reputation management service provider to manage the reviews online. Several ranges of online reputation management packages are witnessed. We are not going to describe this in detail.

Here in this article, we will showcase different business review generating sites that you must take care of. Let’s find them below.


4 Top business review generating sites 

  1. Google: We all have a tendency to open the Google reviews and scroll down them to find whether the brand is good for business or not. Yes, Google reviews are always the first priority just because it possesses the highest traffic on the web.

           The average monthly US traffic on Google is 158.03 million which makes the search engine                    rank 1 on the web. No matter what kind of business you own, you can simply use Google to                    add a customer review.

            To handle the Google reviews, claiming your business listing on Google My Business is very                 important. If you fail to perform this, you will fail to have a Google presence on search results              and Google Maps.

              Around 3 billion searches occur on Google every day. Maybe because it has a mobile-friendly               interface, high user-experience, and valuable features. Hence, putting more attention to this                  platform is very essential to build the credibility of the business. 
        2.    Amazon: Next comes Amazon reviews. Suppose you own ecommerce products. The best site                to leave a review on ecommerce products is your Amazon. Though there are plenty of other                   sites like Flipkart, etc. Amazon has its own way to impress the audienc


                Talking about the average monthly US traffic, it is around 85.44 million. Millions of people                     trust Amazon to make online purchases of different products. Hence if you prefer ecommerce                  marketing, Amazon is the best place to add and manage customer reviews.  


3.              3.    Facebook: Social media is gaining high pace in less time. Especially, if you are talking about                 Facebook. Billions of people use Facebook to connect with others and learn about different                    businesses. Many businesses thus prefer creating a business page on Facebook and build a                    brand presence online.


                 On average, 85.57 million monthly US traffic is generated on Facebook making it rank 3 on                  Alexa. Marketers leverage this social networking site to promote their businesses using                         creative posts that include videos, image content, and podcasts, sending messages, running                     events, etc.


                   The best thing is customers usually scroll down the Facebook recommendations to learn                       whether the brand is appropriate for making business or you should skip it. Consumer                           interaction with the brand on social media is increasing daily. Hence, paying attention to the                    Facebook reviews is quite significant if you are serious about your brand reputation online.


4.                4.    Yelp: Another most popular review generating platform is Yelp. Yelp is generating 40.47                     million average monthly US traffic. Though it is not frequently used by people across the                     web, any business of any niche can choose this platform to generate reviews.


                   According to Alexa, Yelp is ranked 64. You may find the ranking is a bit low. But if you                       think about your small business and want to have a cost-effective solution for all your                           reviews, Yelp is a perfect fit.


                    Any local business can use Yelp to publish reviews. You can respond to every business                            review alongside host social events using the same platform. If you count today, over 102                        million reviews are found on Yelp. Why don’t you have one to build your brand presence                        on Yelp?

The Bottom Line

Online reviews made by the customers are no longer a joke. At least businesses that are concerned about their negative publicity and a bad customer base know the importance of customer reviews very well.

Are you struggling with your brand reputation? We will suggest incorporating reputation repair services along with the digital marketing needs. If you are running your business online, you should be aware of your brand reputation equally. Make sure all your review generating sites have more positive reviews than negative content. 

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  1. Awesome post, I wasn't aware of the Yelp website by to date. Thanks for this amazing post, keep updating. Also, I would like to mention please format the content, it's was hard to go through it but very well write-up.

    No doubt, I will put the Yelp in my top business review generating sites database.

    Thanks again.