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4 Top Tips to Apply Graphics Kits on Bikes


4 Top Tips to Apply Graphics Kits on Bikes

4 Top Tips to Apply Graphics Kits on Bikes

Summary: The following article informs the readers how to apply graphics kits on the motorcycles in an efficient way.

Installing graphic kits is one of the best ways to improve the overall look of a dirt bike. If we talk about graphics, they are just like stickers that can enhance the way how the motorcycle looks. If you are a dirt bike enthusiast or a youngster, you will love to ride on the bike that has satisfactory look and perfect finishing. Let’s check out what things keep in the mind while installing the graphics.

1.    Old Graphics Removal

The essential thing is to consider is remove old graphics that is installed on the bike body. By removing the old sticker, you can make sure that fresh sticker will be applied on the motorcycle properly. It will also give proper finishing. You can achieve it by scrapping off the graphics and thereafter, washing your motorcycle to ensure that surface is clean.

2.    Your Bike Properly

Most importantly, there are no residues on bike body before the application of graphic kit. Most people overlook to clean their bike before applying new graphics. They don’t know that it is crucial to remove any dust/dirt on the surface.

3.    Use Wet Method Intelligently

In all over the world, there are numerous people who are using motocross graphics kit for long with wet method. It is one of the great ways to obtain a great finish with graphics. In this method, you need to prepare 5% soap and 95% water solution to apply on the bike. It should be done before the installation starts. So, you can readjust the sticker after applying it on the surface for great finish.

4.    Try to Apply Them in Moderate Temperature

When applying the graphics, you should consider the temperature. It is suggested to select a shady place which is away from heat or direct sun when applying the graphics kit. It will ensure that sticker does not chip off and gets applied in an effective way.

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