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Autonomous Vehicles: Transforming the transportation

Autonomous Vehicles: Transforming the transportation

Autonomous Vehicles: Transforming the transportation


The word transport or transportation refers to the easy commute and movement of humans and goods and animals from one place to another. The process of transportation creates place utility.The different transportation modes are land (including road and rail), air, water, space, pipeline, and cables.

The need for transportation is vital as it is a means of communication without an essential human need. Along with communication, transportation also aids in establishing a civilized society by making exchange between people possible. Transportation activities also support trade. So, transportation is a source of globalization and economic growth.

Evolution of transportation:

With time, like all other things globally, the transportation system has also evolved a lot as per the need and demand of time. Today, in the world of science and technology, where the pace of new inventions and modifications in the old ones has reached new levels, the need for a transformation in the system and modes of transportation is greater than at any other time. This transformation includes the use of new and smarter modes of transportation, sources of energy, and technology to improve the setbacks of the current system.

The transformation of the transportation system towards a smarter version revolves around the following themes.


-Smart technology


Autonomous Vehicle:

The autonomous vehicle, also known as a driver-less vehicle, self-driving vehicle, or robo-car, refers to a kind of vehicle that can sense its environment and move safely, requiring no human assistance. This kind of vehicle runs on a driving system that is fully automated that enables the vehicle to manage conditions that human drivers usually manage.


The autonomous vehicles would operate on sensors, machine learning systems, complex algorithms, actuators, and processors to execute software. The sensors in different parts of the vehicle will help create and maintain a map of its surrounding. The position of nearby vehicles will be monitored using radar sensors. Not only this, the pedestrians, traffic signs, lights, and lane markings would also be detected through sensors.

Levels of autonomous vehicles:

There are six different levels of autonomous vehicles as per theiroperations defined  by nursing assignment help UK services below.

  • Level 0 (No Automation):

This level represents the type of vehicle completely controlled by a human driver and is not automated. At this level, the vehicle is controlled manually.

  • Level 1 (Driver Assistance):

At the first level, vehicles like braking, steering, or accelerating are supported by vehicle’s advanced driving assistance system (ADAS).

  • Level 2 (Partial Automation):

At this level, the advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) can supervise and look after steering and accelerating or decelerating but in the presence of a human driver who can control the  vehicle's operations at any time. Examples of this level include Cadillac (General Motors) super Cruise system and Tesla Autopilot system.

  • Level 3 (Conditional Automation):

Level 3 represents the stage where all of the driving operations can be performed by the Advanced Driving Assistance System but under certain conditions. A human driver is still neededto regain control of the vehicle. At this level, vehicles can detect the environment and perform functions like accelerating or decelerating where needed. The A8L by Audi (Volkswagen) is an example of level 3 automation.

  • Level 4 (High Automation):

This level also requires human assistance along with automation but under comparatively fewer conditions. At this level, the ADAS can control the vehicle in case of system failure. Level 4 vehicles have the feature of operating in self-driving mode but only within a limited area. Some examples of level 4 vehicles include shuttles and cabs by NAVYA (a French company), Alphabet’s Waymo’s self-driving taxi service in Arizona.

  • Level 5 (Full Automation):

Free from geo-fencing, level 5 vehicles are expected to have no accelerating or braking pedal and even steering wheels. This is because they would not need human assistance at all. The performance of driving operations by the Advanced Driving Assistance System would not be conditional. It is also expected that these vehicles, with the help of 5G technology, would be able to communicate to traffic signs and lights, roads, and with one another. Level 5 vehicles are under trials and testing in several countries but not yet available.

Advantages of Autonomous vehicles:

Following are some notable advantages that will come along with autonomous vehicles.

  1. These vehicles will reduce fuel usage and thus lessen the emission of carbon that results in global warming.
  2. These vehicles would be a blessing for people with different kinds of disabilities and are therefore unable to drive, helping them become more independent.
  3. Road safety can be improved to a good level with fewer accidents and traffic jams with the help of automation of vehicles.
  4. Autonomous vehicles would save time for drivers, which they can use in some more productive work, increasing their productivity.
  5. The traffic congestion which is a great problem nowadays can be cured with this kind of vehicle.
  6. The automation of vehicles will enhance their performance and reliability and reduce cost.
  7. Another advantage would be that people would be able to sleep or rest during look journeys especially the ones at night.

Autonomous Vehicles: Transforming the transportation


Why Autonomous vehicles are a need of time:

Looking at all the valuable advantages expected to be provided by autonomous vehicles, they seem to need time. The following reasons also add to the importance of this claim.

With the growth of population on earth and the burden on urban areas, traffic congestion has become a serious issue nowadays. This affects the global economy in terms of billions of dollars money and results in adding to the pollution which is causing global warming. According to World Health Organization, air pollution caused by vehicles results in many diseases and premature deaths worldwide.Not only has this, but due to inefficient driving and traffic congestion, a lot of people lose their lives in road accidents every year.

Due to the following reasons and several others, the idea of autonomous vehicles appears to need time.

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