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Best dry fruits to cure erectile dysfunction

Best dry fruits to cure erectile dysfunction

Best dry fruits to cure erectile dysfunction

Dry fruits are considered powerful boosters of health in general and intimate health in particular.

Dry fruits fulfill many functions which support heart function, efficiency of vital organs of our body

and provide energy to the body.

Dry fruits enhance several aspects of life including erection process in males. The basis issues

which contribute to the weak erection process are cured by fruits. These include low

testosterone levels, lack of energy, low libido and poor physical health. Not only dry fruits

provide vital nutrients, but also act as aphrodisiacs. The major difference between medicines

and dry fruits is that medicines cannot increase sperm count or motility of sperms. Sperm count

and motility cure infertility in males who may not be suffering from low erection degree. Let us

study some powerful fruits in this category.


Raisin enhances libido and acts as aphrodisiac in males. Mid- aged males often face a low

libido problem which leads to erectile dysfunction. Low libido reduces the drive for an intimate

session. The problem is that even with a powerful dose of erectile boosting medicine, there will

be no relief, as libido makes it easy to get the stimulation with the drug. Improved libido levels

will see best results from Generic Levitra 40 mg with stimulation. Raisins have been used for

ancient times for their aphrodisiac nature and power to induce erection in males. The arginine in

it is a powerful amino acid which cures erectile dysfunction permanently.


Walnuts boost sperm vitality and motility and lead to improved quality of semen. Walnuts also

contain omega fatty acid that boosts blood circulation by removing obstacles in blood arteries. It

cuts the cholesterol formation in arteries and clears the path of flow by removing fatty wax

substance. Study has revealed that 8 week consumption of walnuts improves the health of

blood vessels. Improves the blood pressure levels and makes blood vessels stay flexible for

greater flow of blood. Smooth blood flow leads to erection when blood flows in the male organ.


Vitamin E in almonds is considered essential for reproductive health of males by the traditional

medical system of Indian, ayurveda. Experts also say that monounsaturated and

polyunsaturated fatty acids in almonds improve vigor in males. Continuous consumption for 6

weeks is enough to see noticeable change in libido. Traditional Indian medical system ayurveda

recommends taking almond powder with a glass of milk for 30 days for positive results.

Brazilian nuts

One of the best dry fruit items for overall health, brazilin nuts are the richest source of selenium.

Selenium increases testosterone. Increased testosterone levels improve libido and libido ensure

drive for intimate sessions. It is the first step for a healthy erection process. Nuts also improve

heart health, which boosts the erection process. It also cuts the risk of cholesterol levels and at

the same time lowers the diabetes, obesity, heart stroke risk. The arginine, an amino acid,

pushes blood flow towards the male organ to give an erection.


This dry fruit is a booster to blood circulation and cardiovascular health. It widens the blood

vessels to increase blood flow in the system. It also lowers blood sugar by stimulating insulin

growth. And its anti-inflammatory action reduces cases of penile inflammation. The combination

of these actions boosts erection health. The cardiovascular issue, inflammation of penile tissue

and diabetes cause erectile dysfunction in a large number of males.

Regular consumption of these fruits will definitely lead to improvement in the erection process

in the body. You will feel less need for erection boosting medicines. Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg

will be needed only for severe cases. But in the long term, even the higher dose is not required.

To help the fruits give the intended benefits, we also have to cut the intake of heavy fatty food.

Smoking, alcohol consumption in excess and sedentary lifestyle creates conditions for erectile

dysfunction. Natural remedies suggested by ushealthcarepharmacy online team involving

dry fruits , change in diet and an active life produce gradual but permanent change in health that

improve the erection process .


Dry fruits are an important and essential part of diet that boosts erection health in males. The

permanent cure is provided by consuming fruits for at least a couple of months. Support the role

of fruits by leading an active life.

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