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Best Recommended Books For NEET Chemistry


Best Recommended Books For NEET Chemistry

Best Recommended Books For NEET Chemistry

Medical aspirants across the country swear by the CBSE syllabus, to crack NEET. Suffice it to say, that even experts in the field recommend that aspirants become thorough with the contents of the NCERT course books, as preparation for NEET. And, understandably so, because the trend observed, in the past few years, indicates that the NCERT syllabus greatly influenced the questions in the test papers. That kind of gives the NCERT textbooks a superior status. 


The best practice, for NEET aspirants, would be to understand concepts mentioned in the NCERT books and solve problems, given in them, along with attempting previous years’ test papers. That strategy should work well, but using only NCERT books for NEET preparation can be restrictive. In a way, it limits aspirants preventing aspirants from broadening their horizons and acquiring more knowledge.   


NEET is one of the toughest competitive entrance examinations, and the key to cracking it lies in dedicated coaching and self-study. Online NEET PG coaching in Kerala is a suitable option; as it packs in a lot of benefits convenience, affordability, time-saving, as well as offering well-structured programmes that ready students for NEET.   


There are a whole lot of books for NEET that experts recommend to students to help enhance their level of preparation. The best books for NEET Chemistry not just cover the prescribed syllabus, but also include practice papers and previous test papers, together with answers. They are a complete package, as it were, and help improve an aspirant’s chance of securing a good NEET score. So, here is a list of the best recommended books for NEET Chemistry that you must study from. 

 Best books for NEET Chemistry

We reiterate that the best books for NEET preparation are those published by the NCERT. The study material in the NCERT books is relevant to NEET and to the point. The NEET papers are based on the topics and chapters covered in the NCERT books, and the textbooks can be used to draw a definite curriculum for NEET preparation. Use the books to make notes and take forward your practice. 

Recommended books for NEET Chemistry are:

NCERT Books For Chemistry

  • Class XI NCERT Chemistry textbooks
  • Class XII NCERT Chemistry textbooks

The books will help you master the fundamentals of the subject and give you the necessary foundation for preparing from other, more complex, reference books.

Modern’s ABC of Chemistry

  • Class XI Modern’s ABC of Chemistry
  • Class XII Modern’s ABC of Chemistry

These are the most recommended books for NEET Chemistry. What makes them exceptional is that they have an exhaustive question bank, consisting of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), AIPMT and also JEE questions. The chapters in the books encompass the complete syllabus of the CBSE Board, as well as competitive entrance examinations. 

Reference Books for NEET Chemistry Preparation

The below recommended books for NEET Chemistry are useful and helpful in preparing you for the switch when you turn to reference books. Reference books provide in-depth study material, with questions of varying difficulty levels, that truly challenge and test your preparedness and mental abilities. Complete knowledge of the subject and concepts is required to solve difficult problems, which is why reference books are important. 

Physical Chemistry by O P Tandon:  

A comprehensive book that covers just about every topic, and explains each of them well. Some subjects, such as Ionic Equilibrium, Solutions and Electrochemistry, Volumetric Analysis, Chemical Kinetics, Stoichiometry and Adsorption and Catalysis, and Chemical Equilibrium etc., are very well explained. The book includes both numerical and theoretical problems, as well as a log table, an antilog table and several practice papers.  

Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee: 

This is a perfect book for mastering Inorganic Chemistry concepts. The book contains a substantial mix of practice exercises of Multiple-choice questions (MCQs), single-choice and assertive-type questions. Additionally, detailed solutions to the problems are provided at the end of every chapter. This feature allows for a better understanding of concepts, as the clarifications are given in a systematic, easy to follow, step-wise manner. 

Organic Chemistry Practice Book by M S Chauhan: 

Arguably one of the best books for NEET; with only topics relevant to NEET covered in the book. The chapters are precise, yet understandable, with explanations of theories and solutions, included at the end of every chapter. Further, principal concepts are recapitulated in tabular format, simplifying the grasping and learning process. 

Inorganic Chemistry Practice Book by V K Jaiswal: 

The book is a compilation of both theory and problems, but is preferred more for the problems, which are drafted to make you think and apply logic to come to a conclusive answer. The problems in the book will train you to use concepts to get to correct, logical solutions. 

Numerical Chemistry Book by P Bahadur: 

Physical Chemistry is one of those subjects that requires the most practice. It has more to do with the application of formulas and concepts than rote learning. P Bahadur’s book is among the most highly recommended books for NEET Chemistry. The book concentrates more on solved problems, with clear explanations of the concepts used. The practice questions included in the book aim at helping students learn to apply the right concepts to draw an answer.

Reactions, Rearrangements and Reagents Book by S N Sanyal: 

The book is one of the best theory books on the subject, and serves as a guide for reagents and named reactions and mechanisms. The book is detailed, with almost every mechanism and reaction(s) listed.

Other books that we recommend are:

  • Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry for NEET/AIIMS by M S Chauhan
  • Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R C Mukherjee
  • Solomons’ Organic Chemistry
  • GRB Advanced Problems in Organic Chemistry by Himanshu Pandey
  • Physical Chemistry for Competitions by O. P. Tandon and A. S. Singh


If you want to get a complete preparation for NEET examination, enrol yourself in NEET coaching centre in Kerala or any coaching centre near you for the best tactics to crack NEET along with your effort. 


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