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Covid-19 Vaccination in Ghana – Government Says “Get Ready”!

Covid-19 Vaccination in Ghana – Government Says “Get Ready”!

Covid-19 Vaccination in Ghana – Government Says “Get Ready”!

When it came to the vaccination drive that is currently going in all over the world, things are not moving as fast as we hoped they would. People are either too scared to get one or they believe they don’t need it but they do. The Covid-19 vaccination in Ghana showed us a glimpse of a similar story but it is very difficult to understand out of content. So, let’s start from the beginning and that’s the only way to fully understand what’s going on and what needs to be done to ensure that Covid-19 vaccination in Ghana goes a lot faster than it is right now.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shocked the whole world, not because of the death toll but because of panic. For hundreds and thousands of years, the world has suffered at the hands of pandemics whether it like the bubonic plague or influenza outbreak. People have been suffering and dying at the hands of these diseases for far too long but with the advent of modern medicine and rapid development of biotechnology, things have changed and the world started to heal and stopped worrying about it. At the beginning of the year 2000, one would even laugh at you if one says something about a pandemic happen as if it was impossible but it happened and when it did, people panicked as usual. Even developed nations such USA, Russia, Switzerland failed to stop the spread of the virus.

Covid-19 being a completely new strain of virus meant no existing solution would work but our brake biologists and scientists came together from all over the world. Within 6 months, they managed to create a vaccine.Major pharmaceuticals all around the world have started developing their own version of the vaccine with plans to take it to the public trial once they pass the internal testing which was not an easy task. But the work done by the scientific community and by analyzing and processing the data through powerful supercomputers, various pharmaceuticals started developing their version of the formula that can effectively prevent and destroy the coronavirus before it does any harm.

But things moved a bit slower than anticipated and not everybody was ready to take the vaccine even if it was given for free and so money was never an issue. So, why would anybody refuse to take a vaccine that can shield them against this dangerous virus? Well, it’s fear. People are people and althoughthey have the right to be scared, our scientists have already shown results saying that these vaccines are in fact 100% safe and with high efficacy but people aren’t convinced by this much whether it was in Ghana or the rest of the world. Even in countries like the USA, India, and others, things are moving in rather slow and far below initial expectations and so naturally, it’s a lot slower in Ghana. There are 2 reasons that can tell why the vaccination drive is slow. One is due to scarcity and the other is fear.

Let’s start withthe scarcity part. Manufacturing the vaccines in large quantities is quite a daunting task. To cover a whole country, the amount is vaccine needed is far more than that of the number that is being produced right and because the supply is limited. Not to mention, the companies that manufacture these vaccines also supply to various other companies. The 2nd reason is fear. ‘We can’t trust what we don’t know’ and that’s what most people in Ghana and other parts of the world keep saying. They fear what if it’s not safe, even though it is declared 100% safe.

But as the vaccination drive continues, people will see for themselves that it is completely safe and those who have already taken the vaccine shows no signs of any problem. This will slowly drive their fear away and encourage more people to join the vaccination drive. Kwaku Agyemang-Manu, the health minister of Ghana has already declared the availability of the vaccine from March 2021. While the initial number of vaccine doses hasn’t been revealed as of yet. The health minister did however promise that by the end of June, they hope to procure as much as 17.6 million doses which would keep increasing as time passes. Eventually, they plan to vaccinate the entire population of Ghana. The FDA authority plans to use existing facilities to provide emergency use authorization for every vaccine that is being delivered in Ghana.

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