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How much does a PhD in Informatics cost


How much does a PhD in Informatics cost

How much does a PhD in Informatics cost?


Obtaining a phd in computer science salary takes a lot of effort and effort. First, you need to get a master's degree. Then you need to enter your doctoral program. After that, you will complete two years of courses that you pushed to the limit. And that's when the real fun begins: You study, write, and champion an important project called a dissertation.


What is a doctorate in computer science?

A Ph.D. in Computer Science is a final degree in computer science, a discipline generally offered through a university's school of engineering and applied science. It is a broad discipline with a variety of applications across industries, organizations, and institutions, and as a result, doctoral candidates in computer science study a diverse mix of subjects and applications. What they share in common is that they are all training for careers in advanced research and development, and they all need to do initial research to earn their degree.


Most computer science PhD student colleges specialize in a particular field. Students at Northwestern University, for example, can focus on one of six different areas:


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Graphics
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Robotics
  • Systems and networks
  • Theory


Because computer science has such a wide range of applications, PhD students often engage in interdisciplinary studies with other schools and departments at their university.

Like most doctorates, this degree is designed to be completed on campus. Few schools offer PhDs of any kind online and those that deserve careful scrutiny. The critical relationships doctoral students establish with tutors and collaborators cannot easily be developed online. You must be on campus for the first two years of your PhD program (the period during which you will complete all of your pre-thesis work).


You must have a master's degree to earn a doctorate in computer science. That master's degree doesn't have to be in computer science. However, most schools will require students with an unspecialized master of science to complete so many introductory courses before starting the doctorate that they will essentially earn a master of computer science anyway. Some schools admit students in a combined master's program; others are doctoral only and you will need to complete your master's degree before you can be admitted.


What jobs are available to those with a doctorate in computer science?

The general opinion about PhDs is that their careers are largely confined to academia and, at times, high-level business research. This is more or less true in many disciplines, and it is also true that many PhDs in computer science become professors and academic researchers after graduation. However, many do not; instead, they end up in business.


For example: between 2004 and 2019, only a quarter of Duke University's computer science PhDs held teaching positions (at schools such as Duke, Cyprus University of Technology, the University of Utah, Elon University and Beijing Normal University - China). Nearly everyone else has found work with major tech employers, including:


  • Google (20)
  • Microsoft (8)
  • Apple (5)
  • Facebook (4)


How much does a PhD in Informatics cost


  • Oracle (4)
  • VMWare (4)
  • Amazon (3)
  • LinkedIn (3)

Similarly, Northwestern University graduate students "are pursuing careers in various industry research labs, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Intel, Nokia, and Narrative Science, including others.

So what kind of work will you do as a business doctorate in the corporate world? A recent job search on Google revealed that the company is hiring PhD students in computer science for the following jobs:


  • Camera Optical Engineer (Lens), Pixel
  • Data Science Lead, Google Maps Core Metrics
  • Technical manager of the Data Scientist
  • Modem Systems Engineer, Pixel Modem
  • Researcher, Google Assistant
  • Senior architect for CPU performance modeling
  • A similar Microsoft search yielded the following results:
  • MAIDA Data Scientist
  • Researcher: security
  • Senior researcher in machine learning

Your work will be highly technical, extremely complex and most likely linked to your area of ​​specialization.


What do you gain by getting a PhD in computer science?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not divide the income for computer and computer researchers by degree. It reports that a master's degree is the minimum degree required to enter the field and that the median annual income for computer scientists is $ 118,370. Salary.com reports an average salary for computer science Ph.Ds of $ 122,000. Clearly, you don't get a PhD for the money; you can earn almost as much as a PhD. with only a master.


In 2016, the Taulbee Survey collected data on the income of computer science professors at US universities. According to his data, a senior computer science professor earns an average salary of $ 158,966; an associate professor earns an average salary of $ 113,953; and an assistant professor, $ 101,160. Among the non-permanent positions: teachers earn an average salary of $ 78,313; researchers earn $ 89,991; and postdoctoral candidates earn $ 55,780.


We also analyzed the salaries of the University of Virginia professors (main campus) to see what the computer science professors earned. We found that full professors earn between $ 168,000 and $ 340,000 annually; that associate professors earn between $ 136,000 and $ 185,000; and that assistant professors earn between $ 101,000 and $ 149,000.


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