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How To Use Brass Knuckles Properly

 How To Use Brass Knuckles Properly

When handling any kind of weapon you have to be sure to know how it works. There are many tools that are non-technical but require the right technique to use them. 

Brass knuckles are also such weapons that are seemingly simplistic but are best with precision. Naturally, if you practice the right way to use a tool, it will be more helpful to you. 

So if you want to know how to use brass knuckles, there are some simple tricks you can follow.

How To Use Brass Knuckles Properly

● You need to take some basic precautions when practicing with real brass knuckles. They are often heavy and need to be used correctly to avoid injury. 

Most of the time, they are made from brass but copper, titanium, and alloys are also used.

● When you buy a brass knuckle, make sure that it fits your knuckles properly and they’re not too loose. If they don’t fit, they can put the wrong kind of pressure on your fingers and bruise them.

● If you are training with knuckles, it’s best to do so with a sandbag first. Start with small punches and correct your arm positions when throwing punches.

● Always grip the knuckles with your fingers pulled into your palm for a tight grasp. In a fight, you should position your knuckle closer to your actual knuckles and punch.

The Advantage Of Self Defense Knuckles

Even though they weren’t initially created for self-defense, brass knuckles are a viable tool for it. Since handheld tools are rarely used in combat anymore, these are much suited for personal defense.

Undoubtedly, if you train yourself to use them, they can save your life when you need them to.

In the event of a conflict or fight, brass knuckles would be good weapons to use. If you hit them the right way they can severely bruise your opponent. When not in use, brass knuckles are completely harmless and hence easier to keep on your person. Even if kids get hold of them, they won’t be harmed in any way.

Despite the weight and initial practice requirements, there are numerous brass knuckles for women in the market too. Women have to be on their guard and learn to take care of themselves. 

Brass knuckles might seem non-ideal but they can be quite useful against harassment and assault. Where you don’t want to take drastic measures but ensure safety, a good punch on the jaw would do it.

When confronted with an issue, always go for the bony parts of the body to cause maximum pain.

Collecting Cool Brass knuckles For Fun

One of the most frequently collected things in the world is weapons. There is something endlessly fascinating about them. The upside to collecting brass knuckles is that they go beyond just being weapons. 

They are actually useful tools that can be utilized around the house, on the move, and as décor. They are simple and come in various sizes and designs that would make excellent collectibles.

For a variety of reasons, brass knuckles were popular among weapon enthusiasts.

● They make pretty badass hood ornaments and décor for car hoods. As they project a sense of action and fight, they do have a rather appeal to them.

● You can see them being used as accessories in boots, purses, and as jewellery. They are particularly liked by rappers and musicians and many can be seen wearing them.

● In the house, large brass knuckles make ideal paperweights for your study. They are made of solid metal and hence are good for holding down things.

● If you like brass knuckles for what they are, handy weapons, then they are easier to collect.

Despite being clunky, they are much more affordable than other weapons. Their variety in design is also a contributing factor since you can collect various kinds of knuckles.

When you go to your local market, you might have to find specific spaces to get brass knuckles. Some belt buckle and costume shops will have a selection as well. But if you want a vast collection of brass knuckles that impress, try a brass knuckles website. The kind of variety you will have online will be unmatched anywhere else.

Best Brass Knuckles Available Online

Speaking of getting classic knuckles on the internet, you need to have a good source. It is a little challenging to trust what you see online and believe it will be the same in real life. When buying brass knuckles and other weapons, you do need to ensure quality. PA Knives is one such website that has a huge collection of brass knuckles for collectors and fighters. 

If you are looking for professional-grade, collectible knuckles, they will have what you need. Here are some amazing brass knuckle designs they have on sale for you.

● First and foremost if you are using brass knuckles for self-defense, there are specific options.

For women, the Purplicious Cat Face Evil Mini Knuckle is the perfect weapon. It looks like a cute souvenir but there the cat ears work like blades for self-defense. It can be sneaked into any social or formal situation without issue and provide protection when needed.

● Brass knuckles can be just as fun as they can be useful in troubling situations. If you like to collect them, why not get one that could be a handy weapon as well? The Reloaded Magnum Bullet Knife Knuckle Cartridge is the perfect collectible in that sense. It has a hidden blade inside the bullet design as well as a stunning outlook. You can wear this like an accessory and also take down anyone who tries to do you wrong.

● As home décor and novelties, brass knuckles are affordable decoration pieces. If you want to add some modern sparkle to your space, get the Iron Fist Heavy Duty Rainbow Knuckle Paperweight. It will work really well as a paperweight and also jazz up your workspace. It can also be used in your office space where it can brighten up your cubicle.

● As an accessory, brass knuckles add some glitz and bling to your ensemble. If you want to start collecting knuckle accessories, start with the Bone Four Finger Buckle Brass Knuckle. It can work as an addition to your clothes or as a wearable knuckle according to your mood.

The bone finger detail makes it a snazzy hand-piece that you can flaunt at social gatherings.

These and more amazing brass knuckles await you at PA Knives at amazing prices. Grab one today to show off or to knock off, but either way, they will be cheap, cool, and badass!

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