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11 Secret Techniques to Improve Australian Skilled Migration


11 Secret Techniques to Improve Australian Skilled Migration

11 Secret Techniques to Improve Australian Skilled Migration

With a better standard of living and great opportunities, Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for migrants. Australia welcomes people who want to live, establish, and contribute to the country’s economy. Australian skilled migrants can acquire permanent residency through the Australian Skilled Migration Visa. With as many as 190,000 places for migration, Australian Skilled Immigration is growing to be popular. If you are a skilled worker and if you genuinely want to migrate to Australia, you are eligible for the Skilled Migration program. You can seek the help of a Professional Migration Agent in Australia to fill the form and answer the questions in Expression of Interest (EOI) in the SkillSelect.

Australian Skilled Migration Visa Requirements

At Aura Migration services in Sydney, we provide you with detailed information about the requirements and the process of getting an Australian Skilled Migration Visa. As a reputed Migration Agent in Australia, we aim to provide you with insights on certain points that will help you score better for the Australian Skilled Migration Visa. 

01. Age

While you apply for the Australian Skilled Migration Visa, scores will be given to you based on your age. You will get the highest points if your age is in the range of 25 - 32 years. 

  Age Group Points


  18 - 24


  25 - 32


  33 - 39


  40 - 44


  45 - 49



02. Occupation

You must nominate a suitably skilled occupation that is relevant to your skills and qualifications to be eligible to apply for the Australian Skilled Immigration Program. The occupation that you nominate must be on the skilled occupation list. A relevant assessment authority will assess the long-term or short-term strategic skills relevant to your occupation.

03. Work Experience 

If you have gained high-quality work experience in the last ten years for Australia Skilled Migration, a maximum mark of 20 points will be awarded for skilled employment. This will include the work experience gained in Australia or overseas. You will be awarded 15 marks if you have eight years of work experience outside Australia. For the same amount of work experience within Australia, you will be awarded 20 points.

04. Education

As Australian Skilled Migrants, you will earn points for your highest qualification which is relevant to your nominated occupation. You will earn a maximum of 20 points for a Doctorate Degree and 15 points for a bachelor’s and master’s degree. You will earn 10 points if you have a trade qualification or an Australian diploma. You will be awarded 5 points if you completed a diploma, degree, or qualification from an Australian Institution while staying in Australia. The length of the course should be at least two years.

05. English Language Requirement

Your English language ability must be proved for an Australian Skilled Migration Visa. Points will be awarded to you based on the proficiency of your English. You will be awarded 20 points for Superior English, 10 points for Proficient English, and 0 points for Competent English. Scores of popular English language tests like the IELTS, TOEFL IBT, OET, PTE, and Cambridge are accepted.

06. Regional Study

You will score 5 points in the GSM points test if you’ve studied for two years in a metropolitan city or regional part of Australia with less population growth.

07. Community Language Skills

You can score 5 points if you are proficient in any of Australia’s designated community languages and have gained recognition from the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters (NAATI), Australia. 

08. Professional Year

You will gain 5 points if you have completed a professional year program in Australia in the four years before applying for the visa. The program should be offered by any recognized organization and the duration should be over 12 months to be considered as Australian Skilled Migrants.

09. Partner/Spouse Skill Assessment 

You will be awarded 10 points if your partner/spouse meets the requirement of the Australian Skilled Immigration Partner Skill Assessment and Competent English Language Skills. You will not be allowed to claim 10 more points against it if your partner is a permanent resident or citizen of Australia. You will get 10 points as a bonus if you are not married.

10. Sponsorship and Nomination

As a part of the Australian Skilled Migration Program, Australian skilled migrants will gain points if they are nominated by the State or Territory Government of Australia. You will gain 5 points if you are applying for a Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) and 15 points if you are applying for a 491 visa. 

11. Character and Health

There are certain Migration Regulations Character and Health Requirements that the Australian Skilled Migrants need to meet. You can take up a trial test to find out if you qualify for the visa. You must score above 65 points to be able to qualify for the Australian Skilled Migration Visa. 

At Aura Migration Services in Sydney, we help you understand the process of Skilled Migration. As a reputed Migration Agent in Australia, we assist you with the entire application and documentation process and ensure that you have a pleasant visa experience. Contact us today at +61 490 173 525 or write to us at [email protected] to get expert help in the Australian Skilled Immigration. 


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