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5 tips for traveling to Spain

5 tips for traveling to Spain

5 tips for traveling to Spain

Spain is a country that has many things to offer for the keen traveler. Not only does it have a wonderful climate practically all year long, it has many wonderful nature gems to offer as well.

There are the gorgeous coastlines and clear water, beautiful parks as well amazing man-made architecture to enjoy. All of this and many other perks make it the ideal destination for traveling to a European country.

However, there are some things that every tourist should be aware of before going to the land of the Spaniards. Below we will share the main things you should keep in mind while planning a trip to Spain. These tips will make the process of getting ready easier and also allow you to make more effective plans.

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Getting used to Spanish time

Adapting to a different time-zone is a pretty standard thing for many travelers, however you might find it a bit trickier in Spain, since the country follows a different schedule, which is later than most.

For example, the afternoon time here lasts until 8 pm, which means things like stores and restaurants only open up around this time for the evening.

Another common thing for many Spaniards is to eat their dinner very late. Which is why many people in entire groups of families are still wide awake at around 10 pm in the evening. This is especially relevant for Madrid where life still booms until much later hours.

That’s why it's crucial to adapt to this quickly, so that you could benefit from your travel the most. Especially if you’re planning on enjoying what Spain has to offer for its nightlife.

Many bars and nightclubs are completely full during the weekends until at least 11pm, while some people are just heading out to them at around 2 am.

5 tips for traveling to Spain

Travel north

It is said that the northern part of the country has the richest traditions when it comes to traditional food and drink, especially the Basque region. Many travelers often overlook this and head straight south to visit and enjoy the beautiful coastlines. You see the northern part usually has wetter and in general, less predictable climate than usual.

However, if you want to plan your visit in a way so that you could visit the best parts of the country, north is definitely the way to go. There’s the Basque region, as well as Galicia, Cantabria and others which can offer amazing countryside views, hills and many routes to hike or take a casual stroll on.

Each of these regions are different culturally as well, which means that there’s some sightseeing to do in that regard as well.

Save money by taking the bus

While Spain offers many means of transportation due to its great road network, you shouldn’t take a taxi every time you plan on doing a sightseeing trip. For longer journeys it's very advisable to travel by bus.

The coaching services in many cities are modern and relatively cheap, which means that you can move around different areas of the country with relative ease.

Pay attention for celebratory events

A week or two that you’ll spend on your travels in Spain will probably won’t be enough time to see every big festival going on in a country, however, it’s definitely worth looking into the local celebrations of your region.

Since the country comprises 17 autonomous regions, each of them will have different celebrations for the region. National identity is very important for each Spanish region, which means there will be many celebrations that occur throughout the year.

On a smaller scale, there are celebrations on a city scale, which happen most often during the hot summer months. The city of Barcelona is especially well-known for this tradition, as different neighborhoods will have their own ways to celebrate.

All in all

In this article we’ve given 5 essential tips for having a worthy trip to Spain. The country is rich in its culture and offers many things for the curious traveler.

So, good luck and safe travels!

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