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7 Reasons Why Startups Should Get A Trademark


7 Reasons Why Startups Should Get A Trademark

7 Reasons Why Startups Should Get A Trademark


Consumers nowadays are exposed to the saturated marketplace dealing and coming across lots of trademarks. They subconsciously regard the trademarks as the actual product.  The consumers regard these trademarks as the products instead of calling them with their respective brands. Of course this association was not from the very beginning. Instead, they put efforts for their business in terms of getting a trademark/logo, design it appropriately and then registering to make it their intellectual property. This read is all about the fruitful benefits that come with getting a trademark. If you are a startup business then you must roll down your screens to know how it will bring productive outcomes for your business.

1.     It Paves Way For Brand Recognition

Getting a trademark will provide security to the startup. If you trademark your company name, you will be able to stand out among your competitors making your products or services distinctive from the other brands. Your customers will remember you through your trademark and it will definitely build up trust among them. Moreover, it also has the benefit of preventing your rivals to copy or steal your brand.

2.     It attracts employees

A startup organization with a positive reputation is essential. A trademark therefore is this great to achieve this goal. This good reputation leads to more people desiring to work for you and with you. Furthermore, it is also important when expansion of the organization is concerned. More employees are needed for a startup to grow. This makes a trademark a significant asset when a company guarantees a business loan for the expanding budget.

3.     Prevention of Legal Issues in Future

When you do not register your trademark, you are giving yourself openly to the lawsuits from organizations who have registered their trademark under the similar name, slogan, sign or design. If you get caught in such a scenario, you then definitely have to go through forced alterations of website material, campaigns, and to a greater extent, your brand identity. Once you go through trademark filing services and register your trademark, you will protect your startup from other companies using your name or imitating your products or services.

4.     It is Once and for Lifetime

This is quite great news that you just need to register a trademark once, after that you only have to go through the renewal process. Your trademark is permanent for sure. Just think of the companies such as pampers or Jacuzzi; they are thriving in being the power houses in their domain for decades. Of course these are all the perks of registering their trademark. Not only registering it but going through a thorough trademark search prior to registration. This ensured their acceptance of application from the governing bodies.

5.     It's a Priceless Asset For A Company

Trademark is great for acting as a catalyst in bringing value to tour startup as it matures and expands by the time. Therefore, it is significant that you use the trademark for running various marketing campaigns and drawing productive marketing strategies to enhance your brand recognition and draw more customers towards your startup. Once you get successful in attaining the positive image of your services or products, consumers will relate your trademark to how efficient your business is running. Furthermore, the trademark will be productive for you in case you:

        Want to diverse your products or services

        Gain more value when you are pulling it off for sale

        When you want to branch it to franchise via licensing

6.     It Shows That You Mean Business

Getting a trademark will increase credibility for your business. Think of the legal carnage that would come if the big names such Disney would not have registered their trademarks or didn't have trademark in the first place. Getting a trademark will throw an impression that you have faith in your business and you definitely have something worth stealing. No doubt this let you stand out among your competitors. Moving an extra mile by registering your trademark will surely build your customer's trust as well.

7.     You Get the Sense of Autonomy

It's a no-brainer that the market out there is highly saturated with heaps of niches varying in function and sizes. In such a scenario, your trademark will help you not only in establishing your startup but will also help you maintain good standing. Moreover, it also assists a startup to stay cushioned in the highly crowded marketplace by staying protected with the trademark; informing all that they are here for business.

The Final Thought

After going through the whole read you must be clear of the fact that registering a trademark should be your first priority. It will be great for a startup to stay protected from infringement and get successful in the long run. It will also secure the position of your startup preventing any financial loss in the future.


Lara Hawkins

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