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Handmade Cushion Ideas For Your New Family Home


Having a new home is exciting and stressful at the same time. For the homeowners, there are various aspects to consider and decisions to go through. Take, for instance, styling your home, you’ll have to take into consideration the comfort and affordability of making handmade cushions.

Suppose you like your home to look quirky, to emphasize the fun-factor in your family, or a resplendent motif to accentuate your home’s sophistication. In that case, you’ll indeed find that one design that will compliment your new family home. You can check out these stylish cushion deals at Yorkshire Fabric Shop.

DIY Design Ideas

1. Donut Cushions

If you’re looking for a quirky and fun addition to your home, this handmade cushion would be a suitable choice. Wrapped up with sprinkles and frosting, this cushion design is the perfect project you can quickly work on and put in the kid’s bedroom. Plus, if you’re thinking of a gift for a friend who has a sweet tooth, this would be an ideal pick-me-up. The girls at A Beautiful Mess are the masterminds behind this fun DIY cushion.

Handmade Cushion Ideas For Your New Family Home

2. Macaron Cushions

This handmade cushion idea seems to be a delectable treat. Camelot Fabrics bears this quirky yet charming design. These Macaron cushions would be a perfect addition to your daughter’s bedroom or your off-the-wall living room. A mix of fluffiness and airy pastel quality makes these adorable cushions hard to ignore.

3. Pom Pom DIY Cushions

Style up your new home with this Pom Pom handmade cushion. A pillow inspired this basic sewing venture at the Anthropologie; thus, it will satiate your call for style at a cheap price. This homemade decor is easy to make and will only consume about half of your day to accomplish, so basically, you’re saving time and money on such an adorable array of cushions. The step-by-step guide requires only about half a yard of fabric for one cushion, varied pom-poms, a tapestry hoop, and of course, the basic sewing materials.

4. Cactus Cushions

It’s a well-renowned fact that plants, specifically cacti, have become a bandwagon trend nowadays. Cacti as designs on clothing, gardens, or even as home decor additions, the world has made a new appreciation for these desert plants. The cactus cushion will look dainty in almost any room. You can put it in your new living room for a fun boost or add an aesthetic to a teen’s bedroom. It can also complement the kid’s playroom with the combination of some round pillows.

Handmade Cushion Ideas For Your New Family Home

5. DIY Knotted Throw Cushion

The knotted handmade cushions are the latest trend today. As an utmost focal detail, the knot cushion has much power over space. It brings cheerfulness and contemporary touch into the room. Though it doesn’t seem to be a standard cushion, its softness is ideal when you binge-watch your favorite TV series. Peek into this selection of DIY knotted cushions.

6. Upcycled necktie cushion

The idea of transforming clothing items that belonged to loved ones to make it a souvenir is absolutely pure and mellow. We usually use spare shirts when making handmade cushions from upcycled clothing, but you can always use other materials such as neckties. These cushions will be an absolute keepsake, especially if the necktie is from a late relative. It’s pretty complicated to make, but this tutorial will teach you how to make upcycled neckties into cushion forms.

Handmade Cushion Ideas For Your New Family Home

7. Rugged Mountain DIY cushions

Refine your new home with these Rugged Mountain handmade cushions. In this tutorial, you’ll know how to make cushions that simulate a range of snow-covered mountains. Mountain-like cushions make adorable home decor for a family room. They would also be a cute addition to a baby’s room. If you’re looking for a homemade gift to give to a wanderlust friend, this would also be a perfect choice.

Handmade Cushion Ideas For Your New Family Home

There's no better fun than decorating your home on your own. Choosing from various styles and scrolling through different color palettes can be very enjoyable. Though it is always fun, it can be costly too.

However, you don't have to stress about home decorating expenses when you make your own. By creating handmade cushions, you can lower the cost of decorating your new home with a fresh look. Handmade cushions are safe and stylish supplements to a new house; they can also become mementos or family treasures.

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