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Things you need to know about the Best Virtual Data Room

Things you need to know about the Best Virtual Data Room

Things you need to know about the Best Virtual Data Room

Data is the new Oil. How often do we hear this? Very often but here the important question is how we save the Data.

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a business tool that helps corporates to park their confidential data in an online repository to keep them safe and risk-free. It also helps to share the Data with external users for a period of time with certain rights like View Only, Download with watermark, etc. You can also get to know who has accessed your data from where how many times and duration for which a document has been viewed.

FirmsData not just supports during M&A or Due Diligence but also during IPO, restructuring and bankruptcy, Fundraising, Audits, etc. We provide data room from startups to Fortune 500 companies depending upon their usage.

FirmsData Virtual Data Room is used in the following Industries:

Investment Banking: Investment banks and client advisors use VDR to streamline M&A deals for mergers or acquisitions.

Litigation: Legal firms use VDR to sharing confidential data with clients or third parties for business transition etc.

Corporates: Corporates need to share their privileged data outside their firewall where they trust VDR like FirmsData.

Funds and Private Equity: PE firms usually need VDR to communicate with partners advisors and associated companies.

Biotech/Pharma: Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies depend on VDR solutions to share their Intellectual rights and clinical studies with other providers without worrying about data breaches etc.

Mining and Energy: Mining, Oil & Gas, renewable energy providers must share large data sets for Fundraising, Financing, Environmental audits, Bid management, etc.

Firmsdata Data Room offers different unique features like: 

  • Control over who access the file
  • Protecting files with watermark 
  • Reports to filter out any suspicious activity Q&A for parties to get quick answers
  • Online NDA signing for future references 
  • Audit trails
  • Disable print/download
  • Document expire
  • Drop and drag file feature
  • Multiple file upload feature

Virtual data rooms are a great way to save money over time, which many businesses are using to transfer their data.

FirmsData virtual data room is extremely secure giving users such features as partial watermark functionality, download restrictions, secure spreadsheet viewer, and view-only access. All these features help in keeping important documents safe and secure.

FirmsData virtual data room is one of the most essential tools for efficient teamwork. Such software is beneficial for participants during deals and general document maintenance. It also helps to securely exchange all necessary documents of companies. 

Users can avail of the free trial for a 14-day service of virtual data room but with limited features. To use all the features of the virtual data room, you have to purchase the complete subscription of the VDR service which is given on the website.

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