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Top ten audio devices made for audiophiles and music enthusiasts only

Top ten audio devices made for audiophiles and music enthusiasts only

Top ten audio devices made for audiophiles and music enthusiasts only

If you are head over heels for good music then high end headphones can be your best bet. High end headphones come with an active noise cancellation facility, and you can get the best music experience with them. But what is the difference between a normal headphone and the one that is called high end? The difference is simple to spot. The high end audio equipment is made for professionals or audiophiles who love not just music but who wish to dissect each beat and listen to each and every sound with clarity. High end headphones are made from excellent quality material and better coiling. If you want to invest in a music system that will last for long then you can try the following options that we have listed below. There are several brands that we know of and several others that have not been introduced in India yet. And when you plan to buy the perfect headphones for yourself you can never make a mistake if you choose from  these brands. If you are making your purchase from Amazon then do not forget to look for the latest Amazon India promotional codes on couponscurry.com. All the promo codes on their website are authentic and free.

Grado wireless series: Grado labs is one of the best headphone brands that you can choose if you are an audiophile. They have premium vintage designer series which can be your love at first sight and they also have the new wireless series which would last longer than your phone’s battery life. The Grado wireless series is a premium collection of top quality headphones. When you buy a wireless Grado headphone you get a stylish, open air and dynamic sound quality headphone ready for your use.This grado product comes with a 40 hour battery life and a 32 ohms impedance. The impedance is perfect for any type of smartphone to produce excellent sound. And if you want to hear the beats and music that you never knew existed, then try the new Grado series it will surely surprise you. You can get grade wireless headphones online from Amazon.com for a good price.

Beyerdynamics Aventho: Beyerdynamics is a German brand which is about 80 years old. It is well known for the premium quality headphones and sound gear. There is a huge collection of headphones that you can get from their online platform. This brand is specially known for the neutral headphones that they manufacture. If you are looking for a headphone that would come with effective noise cancellation, sibilance free treble and excellent quality bass then there could be no better option that Aventho. It comes with a 30 hour battery life, wireless connection and a very chic design. Aventho is one of their best products that comes with touch controls. You can easily change tracks, alter volume and do much more with simply touching your headphones. When you use these headphones, you can easily track your listening habits as well with the MIY app. You can analyse your music patterns, check your duration and learn a lot about your music. This app comes with effective customisation that will allow you to get the perfect music experience for yourself.

Bose Quiet comfort: We all know this name, Bose is the king of music, especially when it comes to over ear and on ear headphones. Bose is known for the best quality music equipment that they make and Quiet comfort is one such option. With this set of headphones you get excellent quality  music and Alexa enabled voice controls. So when you buy this headphone, you can not only listen to music but make calls, send messages, check weather, control your smart home and do a lot more. This headphone is compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google assistant. Bose is known worldwide for its noise-cancelling qualities and true it is that quieter the environment the better the sound of music you will hear. And to make your music experience excellent, rather heavenly, Bose brings in noise rejecting dual microphone systems along with perfect quality noise cancellation. So no matter if you are listening to music or making a phone call, you can get perfect user experience. It is a wireless audio device that gives you a 20 hour non-stop listening per charge. It comes with Bluetooth, NFC pairing and in built mic as well. You can get this product from Tata CLiQ for a cost-effective price. It comes along with an audio cable and now you can also grab a discount on your online shopping with the help of the latest Tatacliq promo code that you can avail from couponscurry.com.

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