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2021 Guideline: How to Make a Logo

2021 Guideline: How to Make a Logo

2021 Guideline: How to Make a Logo?

Designing a professional and unique logo can be a costly affair for many entrepreneurs. Unfortunately happens from time to time that a customer refuses unable to afford an offer on logo design because the price becomes too expensive.

It takes time to design a good logo - you have to research, the good idea has to be found, draw sketches, choose colors and fonts and much more. But what if you are able to design your logo - for free or for very little money? Read on and learn more.

How to make a logo yourself 

Before you have a finished logo that is ready for use, there are several steps that you should go through. Because even though you may have a great idea on the retina, it does not always work when written down on paper or a screen.

For a start, it will be an idea to decide what type of logo you want. If it is to be plain text, it must contain a graphic element - a so-called trademark. It must be an emblem or something completely different.

1. Make a brainstorm with ideas on a piece of paper.

What is the definition of your business? Draw, write, sketch and see what works and what does not work. If you want a logo that contains a trademark, think about what could symbolize your business. Remember that you do not have to draw a bricklayer and a brick drawing even if you are a bricklayer. It has all the others, and it is far from particularly original and will not increase your business's recognizability. An idea could be to make a brand based on the most important value or the company's greatest strength (good service, quality, etc.).

2. Get inspired

If you need some design inspiration, there are plenty of places on the web where you can find ideas - for example, Pinterest.

3. Check out the competitors

What do the competitors do? Not because you have to be inspired by them - no, on the contrary, you have to stand out from them.

4. Find fonts and colors

Find a suitable font for the company name - unless you want to design the letters yourself, and then find suitable colors. If you do not want to spend money on fonts, you can find a sea of ​​free fonts on Google Fonts.

5. Design your logo

Now you have ideas, sketches, font, and colors, so now is the time to design the final logo. See the options for paid and free solutions below.

The paid options to make logos.

If there is no financial leeway to get a graphic designer to make the logo, you have several options if you have a little creative ingenuity. Here we look at the paid options.

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is the program used by virtually all professional graphic designers to create logos. Illustrator works with vector graphics, which means you get a logo that can be scaled up and down - without quality loss. However, Adobe Illustrator is far from a free subscription, and it is not a program you learn to master in the morning, or a week, or in a short time.

Gravit Designer Pro

Gravit Designer is available in both a free and a paid version. There are limited options in the free version, and therefore, it would be recommended the paid version. Gravit Designer Pro knows a lot but certainly also has its shortcomings, but if you can live with it, then the program is comparatively cheap.

The free and almost free options to make logos.


DesignEvo comes with an intuitive interface and more than 10,000 templates, so you can quickly do with your logo design. Here it is actually possible to get a completely free logo, but only in a resolution of 300px. It's just enough for a website and an email signature, and then not much more. If you want more than that, you have to pay at checkout.


It is an easy and clear page with a large selection of designs and options. The posse, so are neat and live up to the expectations of a professional logo, must be up to the individual to assess. At first, it looks like it's free, but it's right up until you are happy with your design and want to download it. At the moment, the price at Looka is $65, including all necessary files.


Good logo design takes time, and it must take time because you have to hit something unique that gives a company identity. And time costs money - just like in any other industry. And the raising of these free logo making tools gives a feasible approach for people with a limited budget and no design skills. So, why not try these tools for your brand building.

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