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How is AI changing the world, and with our lives as well

How is AI changing the world, and with our lives as well

How is AI changing the world, and with our lives as well?

What do most people understand with Artificial Intelligence? If we take a short and quick survey where we ask people this same question? The majority of the people would answer about robots which they have seen in Hollywood movies. They are true, indeed robots are a perfect example of AI, where machine take their own decisions. 

But many other machines are too AI, such as the automatic doors in malls, remote control cars these also resemble the use of AI. When the engineers and computer scientists came out with AI for the first time in the early 2000s, they also wouldn’t have imagined its extensive use. 

Nowadays every sector from the IT industry to automobile, everywhere is AI and automation. Automation has many uses and proves to be profitable for the company. Suppose, hiring manual labor will require a heavy salary, a provident fund, an interview or an entrance exam, and much more expenses.

But using a machine eliminates all these barriers in a single go. No need to pay a salary and pension just buy a machine and use it. For the company it is profitable but for society, it’s not.

What changes have AI bought to our lives?

Every invention, from the bulb by Thomas Alva Eddison to the car by Henry Ford has brought changes to us. Men who were mostly involved with riding horses suddenly changed to cars. The cost of maintaining a horse was much more than a car and that too with no use of manual riding in a car.

Similarly with Artificial Intelligence also brought ease to our lives. For example, nowadays there is an automatic version for everything. Washing machines worked manually by pressing several buttons for which type of wash one needed, deep cleaning or simple one.

Now we have fully automatic washing machines where you just need to add the clothes, water, and detergent. After that all the work of adjusting the water levels, deep clean or simple cleaning, everything is managed by sensing the material of the clothes.

With all these pleasures and time-saving ability what most troubles about AI is the eradication of employment. It is not a matter of worry for the developed countries but for the developing and underdeveloped countries where a major percentage of the population is unemployed. This is the reason that the Transport Minister of India refused the entry of driverless cars in India. 

And increasing unemployment will significantly lower the standards of living, increase the crime rate, etc. Especially in the recent COVID pandemic in the USA alone, 45% of the business have been shut down. 

The USA being the superpower has suffered so much then imagine the circumstances in other countries. Loss of job resulted in people committing suicide. The EMIs which they have taken for home loans, car loans have now become unpayable. In such situations even thinking of automation to such an extent is not a sign of great wisdom.

Should we abandon the use of AI?

Some people were thinking if AI has such side effects the why can’t we ban it completely. The reason is that the 21st century is the age of AI, automation, and technological advancement. Banning AI would be like banning the internet today.

Gradually people have become habituated to this new era of robots, and less manual interference. What we should strive to do instead is to use a model where both AI and manual labor could suffice easily.

For example, in the handloom and the handmade industry, most of the work is done by hand. For example, the patterns, designs, and embroideries can only be done by hand. No matter how many advanced machines one use it can never match the finesse of the experience of hands.

This is such a sector where AI cannot enter the market. Men working in this sector would be greatly pleased as there are no fear and tensions regarding the expulsion from jobs. If a company has hired a worker and he feels he is not satisfied with the paycheck he can at any time exit the company and start making goods on his own. This is the advantage of building up the small cottage industries. 

It makes the family self-reliant and less pressure on the men, who are mostly the only earning member of the family. Normally the pressure is so much that men have to use Fildena 100, Cenforce, and Vidalista from Arrowmeds.com.


Remember why dinosaurs went extinct, yes because of the natural disasters, this we all know. What we do not know is that their ability to not adapt to the changing environment made them extinct.

Similarly, things happened with Nokia, there was a time when Nokia alone had more than 60% market share in the mobile phone sector. Compare with today, Nokia recently made a comeback after going bankrupt. This happened because they were unable to change themselves with the coming age android system.

In the same manner, we too have to introduce AI in the education system so that the coming generation is fully aware of AI and knows how to live with it.

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