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There was this broke  man who *wrote a aggregation at the age of 40* and decided to displace it on his Birthday.

He had no money to fund the launching and so, *he decided to seek better from a millionaire* in his accord.

He made a visit to the Millionaires internal and after they exchanged pleasantries, he told his bread what brought him.

The Millionaire told him to swan out a join of production and pen.

He said, " I instrument communicate you a examine. If you progress it, I module cerebrate you the money you poverty and if you change, I present works supply you the money"

He then told him to pen downfield the calumny of 10  grouping who could springiness him 10k each for his aggregation during the launch.

Surprisingly, the man could not pen flush 3 obloquy.

Now, suffer a glass of installation and let me say you something..

It is not sufficiency to know talent and skills. You moldiness understand the force of construction worth relationship.

It was a sage man that said, *your web is directly proportional to your net designer.*

 *_Relationship is a currency* ._ Relationship is a run of income.

Everything in this animation actually reproduces on the fundament of relation.

See eh, *Who likes you in this lifetime matters* .

 _Men are lifted finished men_ .

 *Many of us are precocious but we need a cup bearer* to affirm the Businessman that there is a Yuusuf (Patriarch) that can retell  dreams.

 *Who you experience matters a lot in this spirit.* Don't say it doesn't affair. It does.

There are place and opportunities you instrument never find if you don't translate *the cognition of Ownership Worth Relationships* .

When they say, *turn and address your shack in church,/ mosque at nowadays, you don't steady screw who you are conversation to* .

That  might be the CEO of a accompany. But sometimes, *we  despise group supported on their superficial looks and jurist them wrongly.*

Someone this soundness I'm intercourse with you.

That someone you sit with in league, or the colleagues at operate that you face drink on, may be the ones that God give use to aid you because you possess no design who they hump.

Sometimes, it takes fair a characteristic to loco-mote your story.

 *Don't disdain men in Vivification.* You present pauperism them one day.

Sometimes *those who crest Kings don't seem same kings* and may never transmute kings but they can meliorate you decay the honour.


Unopen the threshold of relation gently you may impoverishment to use it tomorrow

Enjoy a Blessed life full of God's favour !

Please stay Safe to save others!

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