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5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the world, and it's not hard to see why. 

The city has a vibrant nightlife scene with some fantastic restaurants and pubs, as well as plenty of shopping options for those who love fashion. 

But what about a unique way to celebrate New Year's Eve in Dubai? Well, there are plenty of ways! Here are five unique ways that you can celebrate New Year's Eve in Dubai:

Party on Yacht
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Yacht parties are one of the most exclusive events in Dubai. To enjoy a yacht party, you need to get some of your close friend or even family member. 

If you have friends that own a yacht then this would be an excellent way of enjoying an exclusive New Year yacht party in Dubai or else you can always rent a yacht.  

You will be able to dance and party with friends while watching the fireworks from a distance. 

You can also enjoy the beautiful Dubai skyline with your loved ones as well as BBQs during this event.

Luxury Dinner on Dhow Cruise
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Sunset Dinner Cruise is the best way to celebrate the New Year in Dubai. This cruise will take place near Marina Barrage which provides an excellent backdrop for your fireworks display at midnight! 

This New Year dhow cruise marina features delicious food and drinks as well as Tanura dance and live performance throughout its duration (up until 2 am).

Overnight Desert Safari
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Prepare for an overnight desert safari. The desert is a magnificent place to explore, and it’s also one of the most popular travel destinations in Dubai. 

You can take a day trip through the desert on a 4x4 vehicle or even ride a camel or go sand boarding down dunes. 

Being able to see the sun rise over the dunes is an amazing experience that you should definitely add this year's New Year's Eve plans if you are planning on visiting Dubai during this time period. 

However, if staying up all night isn't your thing, then there are other options such as:

Beach Party: If partying on the beach sounds like more fun than sleeping then why not head over here after dark? 

There will be music playing all night long while everyone dances under the stars at Jumeirah Beach Park!

Watch Burj Khalifa Fireworks
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

If you are looking for something different to do in Dubai, don't miss the Burj Khalifa fireworks display. 

The tallest building in the world turns into a canvas for a spectacular light show every year.

The Burj Khalifa is located in downtown Dubai at the center of Sheikh Zayed Road and offers an impressive view from its observation deck at a height of 828 meters (2,717ft). 

It is one of several attractions worth visiting during your stay in Dubai including: Jumeirah Mosque; Souk Al Bahar Mall; Palm Jumeirah Island with its famous Atlantis Hotel & Aquaventure Waterpark; Madinat Jumeirah Hotel - A Fairmont Hotel & Spa; Wild Wadi Waterpark Resort Theme Park with slides & pools; Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Theme Park with indoor roller coasters & rides as well as outdoor theme park rides including karting experience

Relax on Kite Beach and Watch Fireworks
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

Kite Beach is one of the best places in Dubai to watch fireworks on New Year's Eve. The beach is located in Jumeirah, close to the Emirates Towers and Burj Al Arab. 

It features a huge open-air seating area where you can enjoy watching fireworks from a distance, or relax on the sand with your family and friends. 

Kite Beach will also be hosting several cultural events including live music performances, dance shows and even kids' activities during this time period!

You don't need anything special to bring with you besides yourself—but definitely make sure that you're able to get there on time since it's likely going to be crowded!

You can have an amazing New Year celebration in Dubai
5 Unique Ways to Celebrate New Year in Dubai

One of the best places to celebrate New Year is Dubai. As one of the most visited cities in the world, it has everything you need to make your holiday truly memorable. 

From luxury shopping malls to gourmet restaurants, Dubai has many things to offer its visitors during this festive time of year.

If you’re planning on staying in Dubai for New Year’s Eve or visiting for the weekend only, there are several activities that you can do while you are there. 

Whether you like music or art, sightseeing or shopping – the options here are endless!

  • If music is your thing:  Listen out for some great live performances by artists such as Katy Perry and Shawn Mendes at Stars of Sandance Concert held at Madinat Jumeirah (Jumeirah Beach Hotel). The concert starts at 9pm on December 31st until 1am on January 1st 2020 with fireworks display at midnight accompanied by AED 100 million worth pyrotechnics display set against a backdrop of Burj Al Arab and Palm Island which makes for an unforgettable experience!
  • For those who love art: Visit galleries such as Le Méridien Emirates Towers Gallery where they have exhibits from local artists including paintings from Emirati artist Ahmed Al Mansoori who was awarded top prize in Contemporary Art category at International Art Expo.


Dubai is a city that never sleeps and with so many things to do, it’s easy to keep yourself busy for the whole day. 

You can even find new ways to celebrate the New Year here as there are some unique events held each year such as fireworks on Burj Al Arab or Kite Festival.

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