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After seven years of dating Jessica Ledon, David Guetta splits up with her

 After dating for seven years, David Guetta is said to have broken up with actress Jessica Ledon.

A source close to the DJ informed The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column that the 54-year-old DJ and the 30-year-old actress called off their engagement because their lifestyles were no longer "compatible" due to their hectic schedules and travel obligations.

The relationship was put under strain, according to the insider, because Jess was living in the United States and David was spending the summer in Ibiza for his residency.

After seven years of dating Jessica Ledon, David Guetta splits up with her

They said: "David and Jess had become increasingly estranged, and their lifestyles simply didn't mesh any longer."

The people around them believed they were made for one other because of their extensive history together, but that hasn't turned out to be the case.

There is, though, a chance that David and Jessica would one day revive their romance.

The insider added, "But he isn't letting himself get hung up about things," and said, "They haven't fully cut communication so some of us are hoping they will patch things up."

Since attending the Grammy Awards in April, the couple has not been seen in public together.

In an August social media post, Jessica made a suggestion that they were splitting up as she sipped on a cocktail while out with friends.

"Entering a new age and it's unapologetic and full of conviction," the actress posted on Instagram.

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