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 About DimexInfo

Welcome to dimexInfo, your main source about News, Sport news, Technology aspect, Way of life (Life style), Educative activities, Stories etc. We adopt individuals first strategy in all that we report be it News, Technology and Life style. We are prepared and committed to give you the best of it.


Despite whom you are, the place you live in this world and how it influences you. This is the thing that we are energetic for to tell you what is happening and that is the reason we think about the requirements, interests and interest of our perusers in the entirety of our journalism. If something matters to our perusers, it is important to us, with an emphasis on three qualities, which are:


Constancy, Client support and Uniqueness. We accept diversit in what our identity is, the means by which we recount to our accounts, and among the individuals we compose for is basic to our main goal. We intend to compose for, and not just about, those kept separate from conventional force structures; to move toward stories comprehensively; and to serve a different crowd with stories that issue to them.


This implies remembering a different scope of voices for our revealing, effectively seeking after assorted variety in our newsroom, and tuning in to our perusers and watchers to ensure we're as open and responsive as could reasonably be expected.


DimexInfo attempts to be precise in its detailing, straightforward and exhaustive in its sourcing, reasonable and free in its investigation. DimexInfo endeavors to confirm and support data by means of different sources to draw out the genuine and genuine one at whatever point conceivable. DimexInfo awards secrecy to sources so they can give data in the open enthusiasm without putting themselves in danger; DimexInfo doesn't allow namelessness to sources so they can maintain a strategic distance from responsibility for their assessments.

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